Will Injury Lawyer In Owen Sound Discuss Your Rights of Remaining Silent?

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From a young age, people teach you to obey rules and cooperate with the authorities. However, would the same thing apply when you become involved in a car accident? According to injury lawyer Owen Sound, anything you say might go against you. This can be to the police and especially to your insurance adjuster. The adjuster is working against you and in favor of the insurer. You do not know what you say works against you even if you are saying the truth. It might hurt the situation or even prevent your case from getting any further from the ground. The first thing to do of course is to talk with your injury lawyer in Owen Sound. Now you will know what to do and how to proceed about things.

In spite of advice from the attorneys, people fail to heed caution. They tend to give even the minutest information to the insurance companies. These are both confidential and personal information. Naturally, it goes against you and you get either minimal compensation or nothing at all. What you are saying through simple statements or during phone calls can turn into serious matter. You become a victim all over again. Your injury lawyer in Owen Sound wants you to see through the strategy of your insurance company. They will use anything you say to distort your case.

After car accident, the police or any one of the involved parties contacts insurers of the other party. Once the case comes to the insurance companies, they will assign adjusters. The job of the adjuster is to delve deep into the situation and find loopholes in the claimant’s statements. For this reason, they will try to contact you, get you on the phone and inspire you to talk. If you take the bait, the goose is cooked figuratively. Naturally, if your injury lawyer in Owen Sound remains by your side, your chances of making such a mistake are slim. You can remain silent; it falls within your rights.

No one can force you to talk if you do not want to. Ideally, tell them that you would talk only in the presence of your lawyer. Talking with your insurance adjuster is like walking on minefields. They ask one-sided and unfair questions. What is more, they will not even present answer you gave the way you told. Most times, they will distort everything you say in order to deny your claims. The result, you end up getting nothing. The injury lawyer Owen Sound is the one to turn to from the very first.

Whatever you say to the adjuster, they take notes. As a claimant, you might be ill informed and as such do not take any notes yourself. This minimizes your chances of higher compensation. That is why it is best to have your lawyer deal with the insurance adjuster or have the lawyer with you when you discuss your case.


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