Injury Lawyer In Kanata Explains The Importance Of Maintaining Pain Journal

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As you might have heard, it is important to document all the aspects of your life following a car accident. Injury lawyer in Kanata would like you to maintain a pain journal in this respect. When you suffer serious injuries, it is a good idea to maintain electronic or handwritten journal. This might help you to make some sense of your situation, keep you aware of the things that happened to you. In this, you can keep the records related to therapies, medical visits, and document the changes of your physical and emotional states. It can prove to be an insightful journal according to your injury lawyer in Kanata.


It contains personal anecdotes, opinions, insights, and thoughts are with recorded details regarding the pain you have suffered along with the reasons for the pain. Now, while the journal can of course help your cause when it comes to getting compensation you seek, it is necessary to remember certain other things as well. It was possible for the involved parties to use this for your benefit as also against you if needed in court. Opposing parties are always seeking all possible relevant information that pertains to a lawsuit.

In this aspect, according to the injury lawyer in Kanata they routinely request the pain journal through a motion for producing the same or discovery. If you are maintaining a journal, there is a huge possibility that you will have to provide complete copy related to the journal or its digital counterpart. This will include the correspondence notes or journals. The claimant have the obligation to provide truthful evidence and not alter, conceal, or destroy the relevant materials or document when questioned directly regarding them when under oath. This might be during the discovery process.

In this regard, understanding the benefits associated with the pain journal is quite crucial according to injury lawyer in Kanata. With time, it is natural for your memory to fail gradually. Because you are the claimant, you will have to explain and give detailed answers to questions that relate to the injuries that you suffer. This mostly includes the timelines, triggers, and the symptoms. With the pain journal, it will be easy for you to remember events and dates like the doctor’s treatments, and appointments. Other than that, it will also document the time that you missed from job offer your favourite activities.

When the defence asks you questions, you will be able to provide quick answers by referring to the journal. They might ask you questions related to the injuries you suffered, about the accident, and how it has ultimately influenced the daily tasks. It is possible to use pain journal for correctly detailing the incident. For this reason, injury lawyer in Kanata provided it does not contain any incriminating information. Click here


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