Will A Personal Injury Lawyer In Owen Sound Consider Filing A Claim For Pedestrian Accidents?

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Majority of vehicular mishaps involving pedestrians and drivers occur in developed metros. In these incidents, it’s the former who has to suffer severe injuries and sometimes fatal cuts. None is immune to accidents. In Canada, the onus typically falls on the motorist/driver. You will find the pedestrian accident claims under the state law provisions. The law expects and directs all drivers to obey traffic rules and regulations, but accidents continue to happen. In certain tough situations, the driver needs to apply reasonable actions and common sense under these circumstances. Negligence takes a toll and pedestrians have to suffer. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound can help you in this regard.


Ascertaining the common causes

The accident reports show the common reasons behind such tragedy. The first is the driver’s failure to yield. Drivers need to make an utmost consideration to grant pedestrians their right way. Next is vehicle speed. Higher speeds will most likely lead to accidents. Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound knows the distracted drivers and DUI can cause gruesome accidents. They investigate a case thoroughly and when they find vehicular malfunction, non-compliance with traffic rules or high speed, they sue the guilty party.

Filing your claim

A pedestrian sustaining an injury has the right to file a compensation claim. You’ve the right to claim your no-fault benefits. The driver’s policy or your own insurance policy should cover these benefits. If your Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound can prove the negligence of the driver in the accident, you can file a lawsuit against him and his insurance agency. You need to remember that compensation damage is available in monetary form. The compensation sum actually depends on the extent of the injuries and the condition of the concerned injured victim. As per law, you calculate it till the time your injury heals. The calculation also goes till the victim can return to his old self and is capable to work again.

The disability claim

To claim your accident disability, you need to contact your insurer at the earliest. Your Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound does that on your behalf. If your injury occurs due to a negligent driver’s actions or in actions, you have every right to sue that person and receive compensation for your loss of past, present and future income, cost of care and housekeeping, maintenance and service repair, future care costs and family expenses. The attorneys put all these aspects into your lawsuit.

The admissible evidences in claims

There are definite transportation laws governing each province in the country. It’s best to check if there was actually a violation of the rules. The trained and seasoned lawyers know that to succeed in these claims, you need to have evidences as substantial proof. You need to show that the driver had violated his duty of care and responsibility. Your proof will be the injuries you’ve sustained. Your medical report will explain the depth of your injuries. It’s necessary to have the hospital’s admission record and emergency room details. Click here


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