Injury Lawyer In Owen Sound Gives An Overview of Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury is very common all across the globe in different forms. Basically, any accident or injury resulting due to a sheer negligence of someone else is termed as a personal injury. All a plaintiff needs to prove is the fault and liability to get compensated for the damages. In this article, an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound will give a complete overview of different types of personal injury cases.

Car Accidents: The most commonly occurring personal injury is the form of car accidents. Every single day numerous of such accidents take place sometimes due to the negligence of both the drivers and sometimes due to the other driver.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: All accidents taking place on road may not involve a car, some may even involve trucks, bicycles and even other small or big vehicles. These all generally end up leaving the plaintiff injured or even dead in extreme cases.

Public Transit Accidents: Likewise, we got to know from an ace Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound that the public means of transport that millions of people trust for everyday commuting may also be the ground for personal injury accidents. Be it a train, bus, trolley or a boat.

Slip and Fall Accidents: On the other hand, after car accidents, we have the most commonly occurring personal injury accidents in the form of slip and falls. These generally take place due to a negligence of premise owner for instance, wet or icy floor, broken staircase, uneven pathway or insufficient lighting.

Defective Product Injuries: According to a well-qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound, in case a consumer gets injured due to a defective product, then too it is termed as a personal injury case. Here the liability may fall on the designer, manufacturer or the marketer of the defective product.

Medical Malpractice Cases: When discussing different types of personal injury cases, one can’t ignore mentioning the widely occurring medical malpractice injury cases. These simply happen when a healthcare professional treats a patient negligently and leaves him or her with a personal injury.

Construction Site or Work Place Accidents: At the other hand, we have workplace or construction site accidents too. These happen due to a number of reasons like lack of safety, lack of training, violence at the workplace, and lack of right equipment.

Animal Attack Cases: Dog bites or animal attacks are also counted as personal injury accidents worldwide. In most of these cases, the animal owner is held liable for the damages.

Defamation Cases: As per a qualified Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound, any harm to someone in terms of reputation too is counted as a personal injury. These may take place in libel or slander form.

Battery, Assault and Intentional Torts: Lastly, personal injury is not only about negligent act without intention, it may also take place due to full intention. Like a battery, assault or any other intentional tort conducted to harm a plaintiff. To read more Click Here


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