An Overview of Sidewalk Accidents Given By An Injury Lawyer In Kanata

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Slip and falls are quite common all around the world and most of these take place in the form of a sidewalk accident. People slip, trip and fall to get injured often on sidewalks that are not maintained properly by government or public owners. If you have suffered in one such accident, we recommend you to learn your rights and fight back for financial compensation for Injury Lawyer in Kanata.

Common Reasons for Sidewalk Accidents: To begin with we will first throw light on some of the common reasons for Sidewalk Accidents. As per a qualified Injury Lawyer in Kanata, these commonly take place due to the following reasons:

• Uneven slabs or broken trees on the sidewalks
• Large cracks on the sidewalks
• Accumulation of snow and ice
• Deteriorated metal grates, cellar doors and manhole covers
• Stuck up gas and utility pipes
• Missing or crumbling bricks and stones
• Overflowing trash, tree limbs, fallen leaves
• Construction debris

Evidence for Sidewalk Accidents: Up next, we will discuss the role of evidence for such accidents. You need to collect witness statements to support your case. Besides, you can collect the records of maintenance of the sidewalk from the responsible entity to see when was it maintained last time.

Liability for Sidewalk Accidents: As per an experienced Injury Lawyer in Kanata, liability for sidewalk accidents depends on the type of property where the sidewalk is located. For instance, if it is on a private property then the owner is to be held liable for such accidents. While, if the sidewalk is on a public or government-controlled entity, then the plaintiff is free to sue the government authorities for negligence in the maintenance of the sidewalk. However; this can be best done by consulting an experienced slip and fall attorney.

Tips to Prove Liability: According to a professional Injury Lawyer in Kanata, it is important to know how to prove the liability for such accidents. This can be done by:

• Proving your injuries are due to a sidewalk accident
• Property owner was negligent about the maintenance of the dangerous sidewalk
• Plaintiff was nowhere at fault for the accident
• Negligence of the sidewalk owner is the sole cause or the accident and subsequent injuries
• Property owner had a duty of care towards the plaintiff.

Damage Compensations for Sidewalk Accidents: Now, coming back to the most important factor related to a sidewalk accident; the damage compensation a plaintiff deserves! Well, damages worth claiming in such accidents may include costs for medical treatments, lost wages, pain and suffering along with other out of the pocket expenses incurred due to the injuries after a sidewalk accident.

Legal Help from an Injury Lawyer in Kanata: Whether you agree or not but consulting a sidewalk accident attorney can offer a lot of help in winning such cases without much difficulty and delay. A good lawyer knows what to prove and how to fulfilling all the legal formalities for the client in a sidewalk accident case. For more information visit here: EBIL Personal Injury Lawyer


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