What Will An Injury Lawyer In Windsor Do When A Car Accident Case Goes To Trial?

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When a lawsuit is filed, and there are genuinely unresolved issues, the only way to resolve those issues is to take the case to trial. It’s no secret that car accident lawsuits often have large monetary values associated with them. And it’s also true that not all cases can be settled for such large amounts. That being said, it’s not uncommon for the lawyers in Windsor on both sides to work on a settlement until the end.

Whatever the reason, there are times when car accident cases do end up in lawsuits. And because those cases do, in fact, go to court, you might conclude that going to trial is the right thing to do. But don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. After all, car accident lawsuits that go to trial are costly and time-consuming for everyone involved. But if you find no other choice, seek professional help from an Injury Lawyer in Windsor.

If your car accident case cannot be settled, you may have to resolve the matter through trial. Some basic principles apply to most trials, and we’ll look at those here.

Jury Selection

The process of choosing jurors differs in each state, but the underlying purpose is the same. It’s a way to ensure that the jury ultimately chosen is impartial and unbiased. In only a few states will the judge pick all of the jurors. By law, both sides can remove people from consideration. In other jurisdictions, the judge can remove some as well. It’s important to understand that no one can be automatically excluded from consideration.

Opening Statement

The opening statement by the plaintiff’s Personal Injury Lawyer in Windsor usually deals with the story of the case. It is their job to let the jury know what they should expect to see during the trial. They often present information that will allow the jury to understand how they should react emotionally or what their opinion should be on each fact given. The purpose of their presentation is to lay claim to all of their rumors and accusations and let everyone in court know about them.

Provide Evidence

The plaintiff’s attorney may also call expert witnesses to testify about the factors contributing to the injuries or damages in the car accident. Because all of the facts of a car accident often are not legally relevant, expert witnesses can provide valuable, independent opinions to help the jury understand what evidence is appropriate and what is not. Telling the opposing side’s story gives the Personal Injury Lawyer in Windsor and their witnesses a feel for their opponent’s arguments, allowing them to understand how trials shape up and prepare for it.

Closing Arguments

After listening to the arguments of both sides, jurors will be instructed to go back to their deliberation room. There are several things that a jury will be considered to arrive at a verdict, including any applicable law and evidence presented during the trial. In most cases, the jury is given some sort of numerical scale and told to decide how much weight they want to give each piece of evidence. The goal is to arrive at a number close to nine (nine being an absolute certainty). For more information visit Our Website


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